Meet The Team Behind 50 Years Saving Babies

The Editorial & Specialists Team

The editorial team at 50yeardssavingbabies handles the primary task of researching, writing, reviewing, publishing, and fact-checking baby-brought-up guides and reviews into guides regarding baby development. This team is made up of highly skilled writers that have a keen eye for detail. They are well-versed in topics related to parenting, such as breastfeeding, baby nutrition, infant care, and more. They also have an extensive knowledge base on different products available in the market today, so they can give you unbiased reviews on products that will help you healthily raise your baby.

Sarah Prescott – Writer, Product Researcher, Community Manager

I have spent years learning Early Childhood and Family Studies; I am keen to learn more about the subject, especially in child development. I am a born writer and have a positive attitude toward life.

My passion is to help children in their development process. I put my efforts into leading them toward their full potential by supporting families to develop the skills they need to nurture their children. I am committed to working with parents, carers, and other professionals who share this vision, and we can make a difference together.

What Am I?

I have graduated in physical chemistry and a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood & Family Studies from the University of Washington. I am passionate about using my writing skills to help readers to connect with the parenthood that is right for them.

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Cindy Hall – Associate Professor Of Pediatricians,  M.D. , M.H.S Studied from Jhon Hopkins University School Of Medicine

I was born in U.S. My parents were both doctors and inspired me to become one when I grew up. However, after graduating from the John Hopkins University School Of Medicine. I decided to pursue further studies in Pediatricians as this field is related to my passion for helping children suffering from various diseases or injuries by providing them with proper treatment so that they can lead a normal life again after recovery.

What Am I?

I am an Associate Professor of Pediatricians, M.D., and M.H.S. studied at the Jhon Hopkins University School of Medicine. I have specialized in pediatricians for over 15 years and have worked in the field for almost 25 years. My research interests include the development and treatment of pediatric diseases and conditions.

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